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Metal Roof Replacement

You may be weighing if a metal roof is the right fit for you. You have probably heard that metal roofing offers benefits that regular roofing does not. The truth is, there are pros and cons like anything else. Keep reading to learn if it is the right fit for you.

Metal Roof Replacement Orlando FL

Metal Roofing


Greater Expected Life
Metal roofs come with longer warranties than shingle roofs. They offer approximately twice the life of a conventional fiberglass asphalt roof.

Higher Hurricane Ratings

Many experts consider metal roofs to have higher hurricane ratings than asphalt. Certain options can have up to a category 4 rating. This will depend on the area of Florida and the methods applied during any installation.

Less Maintenance
You won’t have to worry about shingles blowing off, splitting, or curling. Wind can easily damage regular shingles, but metal is much more resilient. Just sit back and relax.

Can Increase Resale Value
Many homebuyers prefer a house that is ready to move in. Having a roof with years of life left makes it easier to sell your home in the future.


The durability of a metal roof comes with an increased upfront investment in your home. Metal roofs also are louder in the rain than regular roofs. There is a lot that can go wrong if you don’t have a roofer that is properly qualified.

More Expensive Repairs
If something heavy like a tree hits it and causes a dent, the repairs will require more work. Fixing metal is more difficult than replacing a few shingles.

Improper Ventilation Causes Problems

Metal absorbs more heat regular asphalt roof. This can make crawlspace and attic temperatures dangerously high. Proper ventilation and insulation are critical.

Too much heat in your attic or crawlspace can warp your metal roof. Extreme heat can also cause the sheeting under your roof to delaminate (the glue breaks down).

Improper venting can also lead to condensation buildup. Excess moisture attracts mold and insect infestations that are also time-consuming and expensive to eliminate.” Other side effects of poor ventillation are high energy bills and lowering the life expectancy of your Air Conditioner.

Everyone knows an Air Conditioner is not a cheap investment in and of itself. Most homeowners would prefer getting the full 10-12 years of expected life out of their unit.

Worse Cellular Signals

Those who need to be on the phone 24/7 should think twice about a metal roof. That is because this type of roofing is notorious for blocking signals.

Metal Roofing

The Two Main Types
The standing seam and best panel are the two main types. The main difference is standing seam’s fasteners are not exposed.

Standing seam uses more expensive materials and is harder to install. But, the benefit is the fasteners are not exposed to the elements. Concealed fasteners will give it a sleeker look. This will last longer and require less upkeep.

The best panel is also known as exposed fastener because it is exposed to screws that are covered with rubber grommets. Rubber grommets are suspect to shrinkage and degradation due to being exposed to the elements. The panels are typically wider and that saves you money since it is cheaper and easier to install. The bottom line is these roofs don’t resist the elements as well as the standing seam.

Some say exposed fastener roofs are easier to install. However, a faulty installation can mean the fasteners are put in at a wrong angle or are not tight enough.

It takes a professional to properly install either type. Metal takes a higher degree of skill to install compared to conventional fiberglass asphalt roofs.

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